FAQ: Adult Martial Arts

As with any activity in life, a person can get hurt during the course of their development in the studies of Martial Arts. Studies show that most injuries are the mere result of poor technique, excessive force, and inexperience with the technique being employed.

Rest assured, we take all necessary precautions to keep you as safe as possible. Our classes are supervised by experienced certified instructors. We always recommend that students wear protective gear to protect against injury from inadvertent contact. While safety equipment reduces risk and injury, there is no better way to foster safety than good control and common sense.

Absolutely not! The main goal to Martial Arts training is self improvement. Students range from all ages. You are never too old to train in the Martial Arts.

Absolutely not! Our program will help you to improve your physical fitness and health at your own pace. Once you get started with us, you will immediately notice an improvement in how you feel after just the first few weeks of classes!

If you have no experience, then you have no bad habits to break! At our facility, most of the classes include all experience levels. This means that you should be in a class with other beginners, along with intermediate to advanced level students.

Some classes will separate out the beginners to focus on basic skill development, and other classes will mix you in to work more with experienced students. Additionally, our instructors, as well as our senior students, will always support and assist the beginning students. This personal attention assures the greatest achievement in your training.

Our adult and children’s programs are taught in separate classes, which focus on the needs of each student group. The approach of teaching adults and children is different. The pace of learning differs and each group has different motivations for learning.

Brooklyn Adult Martial Arts classes for adults increase confidence and discipline through a variety of traditional techniques.  Men and women from beginners to experts benefit from a welcoming and safe training environment.

Learn from passionate, certified instructors in Brooklyn, NY and experience a younger and fitter mind and body on your black belt journey.